2016-11-04 14.39.00The poor old box was in a sorry state when the Parish Council elected to take it over from BT – broken windows, peeling paint, the door not fitting and some very distorted metal panels on the back wall.

BT  repaired some of the broken windows (but not very well, it still let in a lot of water!)  – and they did supply us with the right sort of paint .

The pink undercoat – ever after known as Germolene pink – was horrid gloopy stuff, but the red enamel topcoat was smooth and  super glossy and together they produced a top quality finish even on this rough old surface.

The wood for the shelves was donated from a recycled source.  The design and fitting was complicated by the fact that in a metal and glass cabinet there is nothing simple to fix the woodwork TO!

Thanks are due to Tina Lange, Kirsty-Ann Cutler, Wendy Fabbro, Vera Potter, Sue Withers, Peter Malecki and Tom & Jan Low – and of course Julie Shirley for getting it all organised in the first place!


Tina, Kirsty-Ann, Vera and Sue  all live nearby and  are ‘keeping an eye’  to ensure it stays tidy for everyone.